Lean and Agile UX

Our approach


First, let's define success


Great products solve a genuine user problem (valuable), are easy and efficient to use (usable) and connect with their users emotionally (delightful).

How can we get you there?
User focused design, short cycles, and constant feedback


Lean UX helps us design like a startup.

User Experience (UX) methods focus on designing a product which is easy to use and delightful. Lean Startup experiments ensure that the product solves an actual need.

Agile UX allows us to work in short cycles.

Agile software development has radically changed the way digital products are built; instead of huge upfront planning, work is done in small increments, delivering results faster and adapting to changing needs.


Agile UX tackles the problem of how design can fit into that approach, by creating and maintaining an overall vision then designing in sprints as needs arise.

Let's design together!

Collaborative design... but not design by committee!

By actively seeking feedback and ideas starting with the first informal sketches, we can select the best that the team has to offer and integrate it into a coherent vision.


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